Hozan214000s1SOLD Hozan 2.1 $4000, key of B. Light at 380g. Rich in timbre, very easy to voice and finger. This is a sophisticated instrument from a great maker. Beautiful tone and tuning.

Hozan184000side1SOLD Hozan 1.8 $4000, key of D. Extraodinarily lightweight at 195g. Not only lightweight but the flute also has large fingerholes and an open bore, which yields a beautiful 'fat' tone with easy to finger meri notes.

Hozan185000side1SOLD Hozan 1.8 $5000, key of D. Light at 324g. This is a big-sounding shakuhachi with beautiful tone and impeccable tuning. Beautiful to hold and play.

Hozan244500top1SOLD Hozan 2.4 $4500, key of A. Super lightweight for this length, at 325g. Large bore, beautiful tone and response. Wonderful to play.


hozan275000b1SOLD H§zan 2.7 shakuhachi $5000. Lighter than many 1.8s at 410g. Beautiful in all ways, with a warm and charming tone. Little ji. Easy to sound and play. Easy to fall in love with.

hozan273800side1SOLD H§zan 2.7 shakuhachi $3800. Big bore. Rich and resonant tone. The fingering is easy and the voice and power of the flute are accessible with little effort. A tone like soft clouds, with a promise of thunder.

Suikyoshakuhachi202800aSuiky§ 2.0 shakuhachi $2800. Nobekan. Ivory Meian utaguchi. Little ji. Powerful tone.

shakuhachisuikyo201700b1SOLD Suiky§ 2.0 jinashi shakuhachi $1700, big holes 266g! amazingly light with a lovely warm tone

Suikyo162900aSOLD Suiky§ 1.6 shakuhachi $2900.

Suikyo161700aSOLD Suiky§ 1.6 shakuhachi $1700. Unusually good value, great tuning and responsiveness.

suikyo163000aSuiky§ 1.6 nobekan jinashi, $3000. Very responsive lively sound. Strong vibration. Ivory Myoan utaguchi. Dense bamboo. Powerful in all ways.

suikyo183800aSuikyo 1.8 $3800. Smooth, rich, both in sound and bamboo coloring.This is a refined flute of excellent value.

Suikyo184000aSuiky§ 1.8 shakuhachi $4000. Larger than average bore and finger-holes. Big open expressive tone with a rich base. A lovely powerful and expressive flute with great tuning and even intonation. This is an 'end' flute of great capability

Hozan1855001a1SOLD Hōzan 1.8 $5500. Special Kurochiku black bamboo. Easily voiced and focused, this beautiful flute has a charming tone and behaves extremely well all through the octaves. Very user-friendly. Light at 280g.

Hozan18dark5500aSOLD Hōzan 1.8 $5500. Extraordinarily beautiful unusual bamboo. The tonality goes along with it: warm, velvety, deep. This flute has a lovely soundscape with a distant horizon. Light at 280g.

Suikyosusudakenobekan181aSOLD Suiky§ 1.8 susudake nobekan, $3700. Gorgeous in every way. Excellent, well-tuned, very responsive, warm and earthy sound. Very little ji, made mostly by subtraction. Light at 300g.

suikyo18nob2000aSOLD Suikyo 1.8 nobekan susudake $2000. A dream flute at this price. Great strong tone and tuning. Featherweight at 280g. Can play anything well.

suikyo16w2800a1aSOLD Suikyo 1.6 $2800, key of E. Particularly responsive with a larger than average bore. Very light.Thick bamboo.

suikyo165000b1aSuikyo 1.6 $5000, key of E. Gorgeous, lightweight, smooth and subtle with a tone that has a wide range of possibilities.

Hozan203500b1SOLD Hozan 2.0 $3500, key of C. Open, varied tonality available. Light at 374g Great for all types of music from honkyoku to jazz.

All new shakuhachi for sale on this page are crafted in the traditional manner using natural materials in a tradition going back centuries.

The Japanese makers represented are full-time professional craftsmen with as much as 30 years experience apiece, and make shakuhachi for some of the finest players in Japan and elsewhere. They have served as long as 10 years, apprenticed to Master makers from a young age. They are also master players in their own right and perform regularly. All shakuhachi are in stock and available for audition upon request. Others may not be listed, please enquire.

All flutes sold by Japanshakuhachi are sold at the same prices as the makers charge their Japanese customers...there is no mark-up.


Please get in touch here or call (720) 292-6535

New shakuhach for sale, pre-owned shakuhachi for sale. Made by traditional Japanese craftsmen of the highest caibre and background. Japanshakuhachi offers personal auditions of all flutes pictured on this website. Varying needs can be met, whether you are a Kinko, Tozan, Dokyoku, Myoan player, these flutes are responsive, well-tuned and yield beautiful tone color.Shakuhachi lessons and teaching. traditional Japanese bamboo flute,bamboo,shakuhachi,syakuhati, komuso,pentatonic,folkflute,Kinko,Tozan,Dokyoku,Hogaku,jinashi,jiari.

1.8 Shakuhachi
2.4 Shakuhachi
2.0 Shakuhachi
1.6 Shakuhachi
2.7 Shakuhachi
2.1 Shakuhachi
New shakuhachi for sale
New shakuhachi for sale

SDIM0757aSOLD Hozan 2.1 $4000. Fabulous longer shakuhachi. Open, powerful and colorful sound. Highly responsive. All the details of this flute are of the highest quality. The finish, looks, tuning, intonation and response are first class. A wonderful instrument by any standards. Lightweight at 403g

Hozan185500b1SOLD Hozan 1.8 $5500. Warm, smooth and powerful tone. Hugely responsive. Open sound. This flute possesses a highly refined tonal palette and represents some of Hozan's best work at this price. 333g.

Hozan185000b1SOLD Hozan 1.8 $5000 kezurine. Amazingly smooth and beautifully tuned, warm-toned flute. Ivory/gold utaguchi. 280g lightweight. This shakuhachi is delightful and featherweight in the hands. Beautiful dark markings.

1.9 Shakuhachi
Recently arrived  Shakuhachi

Suikyo183800top1SOLD Suikyo 1.8 $3800 nobekan jinashi. Lightweight at 255g. Myoan utaguchi. Rich, responsive, subtle. This flute is a delight to play and is technically brilliant.

Suikyo 1.8 $3000, key of D. Easy to play with a very quick response. Technically superb. Beautiful markings on the bamboo. 297g lightweight

Suikyo 1.6 $3500, key of E. Smooth, rich, refined and powerful. A perfect flute for modern compositions. 333g weight.

Hozan204000t1 SOLD Hozan 2.0 $4000, key of C. 408g. Beefy, smooth-sounding shakuhachi with powerful tone and even intonation all through. Beautiful to hold and comfortable to play. Exceptional quality bamboo.

Hozanblack1SOLD Hozan 1.8 $5000, key of D. Gorgeous and lightweight at 270g. Variegated surface goma texture. Very easy to play, with a deep tone and beautiful tuning. Ivory utaguchi

Hozan185000s2SOLD Hozan 1.8 $5000, key of D. Oval crossection and lightweight at 270g. The intonation is very smooth, with seamless transitions through the octaves. Warm sound and richly-toned. Ivory utaguchi

Suikyoshakuhachi183300nobes1SOLD Suiky§ 1.8 shakuhachi $3300, nobekan. Very lightweight at 283g. The tone is sweet and full, the flute is very easy to voice and delightful to hold and play. Looks gorgeous.

Suikyoshakuhachi183800s1SOLD Suiky§ 1.8 shakuhachi $3800. Very lightweight at 261g. Finely honed response and powerful capability. This shakuhachi lives up to its value, a brilliant flute with huge possibililities for any player.

Suikyoshakuhachi183000s1SOLD Suiky§ 1.8 shakuhachi $3000. Superb player, especially at this price. Very lightweight at 276g. This is a terrific value flute....easy to play and goes everywhere it needs to, with a lovely tone.

Hozanshakuhachi24s1SOLD H§zan 2.4 big bore shakuhachi $5000. Weighs 340 gms. Very warm tone. Easy to finger and hold. Gorgeous bamboo and surface texture. Even intonation and very responsive. Charming sound and a beautiful object to hold.

Hozan185000a2SOLD H§zan 1.8 shakuhachi $5000. Weighs 310 gms. Very warm tone. This flute has an extraordinarily smooth sound. Even when pushed, the tone is stable and silky to an unusual degree. Well-tuned and easy to play. Very high quality, gorgeous bamboo.

Hozan246000a1SOLD Suiky§ 2.4 shakuhachi $6000. Lightweight at 366g. Progressively oval cross-section with ivory utaguchi insert. Gorgeous sound and feel. The goma bamboo is exquisite and the tonal response is warm, nuanced and powerful. It's a joy to play. The urushied rattan bindings are decorative/preventative. One of the best 2.4s I have ever played.

Suikyo214500b1Suiky§ 2.1 shakuhachi $4500. Charming, well-tuned and responsive flute suitable for all kinds of music. This shakuhachi plays easily with a lovely warm tone.

Hozan245000b1SOLD Hozan 2.4 shakuhachi $5000. Ultra lightweight at 316g. This is perhaps the warmest shakuhachi I have ever had....the sound is extraordinarily mellow, big and full. It has an easy canted hole spacing and its weight makes it a breeze to play. A wonderful example of this maker's art.

Suikyo216000b1SOLD Suiky§ 2.1 shakuhachi $6000. Lightweight at 364g. A fabulous flute to hold and play. The tone is balanced at the darker end of the spectrum, with a rich and powerful sound. This flute can be blown hard without losing anything in the tone. An absolutely delightful, easy to play and compelling instrument. Altogether, a very high quality 2.1.

Hozan215000y1Hozan 2.1 shakuhachi $5000. Lightweight at 386g. Smooth, clear sound. Easy to play, with an extremely easy third octave. The bamboo is beautiful, with an oval cross section. It has a lovely feel in the hands.

Hozan185000y2Hozan 1.8 shakuhachi $5000. Lightweight at 316g. Easy to voice and well-tuned. The bamboo is delightful to hold. Tonally smooth, with excellent and easy responsiveness. In many ways, a great choice that will play any music, from contemporary to classical honkyoku.

Suikyo134500b1Suiky§ 1.3 (G) shakuhachi $4500. Lightweight at 262g. Ivory utaguchi insert. The engineering of this flute is superb. It is well in tune and evenly balanced all the way up into the upper third octave. Plus, the tone is sweet and colorful, not at all shrill. Korokoro sounds great.....

Suikyo246500b1Suiky§ 2.4 shakuhachi $6500. 466g. Ivory utaguchi insert. Gorgeous open sound that vibrates the body of the flute. This is an instrument of the highest caliber, with exceptional, refined responsiveness and a big sound.

Suikyo1502D2B1NEW Suiky§ 1.8 shakuhachi $4500. Lightweight at 292g. Superbly crafted instrument of very high quality. Very responsive, powerful sound.

Suikyo1502D3A1NEW Suiky§ 1.8 shakuhachi $4500. Lightweight at 286g. Delightfully open, powerful, clear-toned flute. This instrument is capable to exhibiting highly nuanced playing. Suitable for all music.

Suikyo1502D1A1SOLD Suiky§ 1.8 shakuhachi $2500. Amazingly Lightweight at 237g. Low-impact, charming, well-tuned, easy to play, lovely sound and beautiful to hold. Made from smoked bamoboo. Lacquered joint.

Hozan184500B1NEW Hozan 1.8 shakuhachi $4500. Lightweight at 336g. Beautiful to hold, well-tuned, easy to play, ivory/gold utaguchi. This flute would make a great primary instrument; it does everything well.

Hozan194000A1 Hozan 1.9 shakuhachi $4000. Lightweight at 280g. Very smooth, warm and intimate sound. Goma bamboo. Brilliant tuning, intonation and sophistication of response. This flute works very well for all genres of music from Myoan to dokyoku to sankyoku.

1.3 Shakuhachi

Suikyo1404D1182800A2SOLD Suiky§ 1.8 shakuhachi $2800. 235g. Unusually lightweight. Warm-toned, quick, shares similarity to the flutes above in style, but with a normal size bore. Very easy to voice and play.

Suikyo1404D3183000B2Suiky§ 1.8 shakuhachi $3000. 283g. Very lightweight. Large bore, myoan utaguchi. Close to jinashi style. Excellent focus and speed. Resonant tone. Beautiful bamboo. A first class instrument, similar to above.

Suikyo1404D2183000A1 Suiky§ 1.8 shakuhachi $3000. 278g. Very lightweight. Large bore, expansive, warm full tone. Myoan utaguchi. Close to jinashi style. A fabulous instrument in looks and playability all through the octaves. Great responsiveness. Delightful in all respects.

Suikyo216000a2NEW Suiky§ 2.1 shakuhachi $6000. Very lightweight. Big, open, responsive sound. Excellent playability and tone. There is an impression of boundless possibilities with this flute. Beautiful bamboo.

Suikyo183500255a1SOLD Suiky§ 1.8 shakuhachi $3500 255g. This is a perfect 'main' instrument for any player. The weight is friendly, the tuning and playability are superb, the responsiveness excellent and the tone delightful. All types of music are accessible: honkyoku, sanyoku, modern pieces etc.

Suikyo213300b1 Suiky§ 2.1 shakuhachi $3300. 395g. Full, expansive sound with complex tone. Very responsive. Great tuning The bamboo is beautiful...it vibrates whilst playing. Very easy third octave. This is a flute that is 'friendly' to the stage musician: Very powerful and controllable. Massive ro. Excellent dōkyoku flute.

Suikyo182300side1SOLD Suiky§ 1.8 shakuhachi $2300. 322g. Cap size 7. Inner bore diameter at the top 23mm. Outer diameter at the top 39mm. Lovely old bamboo and plays nicely all through the octaves. Feels like a friendly flute. Very good for Kinko and can be used for all types of music.

Suikyo201800side1Suikyo201800top1NEW Suiky§ 2.0 shakuhachi $1800. Lightweight: 330g. Plays very easily and with lovely multi-layered tones. The tuning is superb. At this price, Suikyo has made an extraordinary flute. Highly recommended.