Japanshakuhachi originated 10 years ago very modestly, when David Sawyer became the source for new shakuhachi for a few local players who were having difficulty getting their hands on quality flutes to audition. As the word spread, David researched in Japan, and had the good fortune to be introduced to several excellent and senior Japanese makers of fine shakuhachi. As good instruments started to arrive from Japan, the client base grew and now Japanshakuhachi provides flutes to players all over the world.

DavidSawyerDavid Sawyer lives near Boulder, Colorado. He and his wife Yoko teach from their home in Louisville, where there are traditional spaces for Japanese tea ceremony and music performance. Between them they teach koto, shamisen, shakuhachi, biwa and tea.

The intention behind Japanshakuhachi was to make it easier for American buyers to actually hold and play good instruments from Japan. Japanshakuhachi sells instruments to players from countries as diverse as Columbia, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, Austria and Denmark. David provides shakuhachi to beginners, professionals, hogaku musicians, jazz players, and to those who want to simply blow meditatively on great bamboo.


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