Playing in a damped acoustic space

When we play in a reverberant space we can delight ourselves with the soaring sounds and responsiveness of the space to our music. It’s easy to sell yourself on your own sound!

By contrast, playing in an acoustically dead space is disheartening and hard work. Which is exactly why it’s a good idea! I have a walk-in closet lined with books that is my go-to place for serious tone development. I sound awful in there at first, and getting a sound out of the flute and into the air space feels like digging a hole in frozen ground. However it’s a brilliant way to strengthen your tone and to develop timbre. When you play strongly enough to make an enjoyable sound in such a space, you are investing deeply in your flute relationship.

By the way, if you record in such a space, eventually you can discover an intimate honesty and timbral richness which can be charming and worthwhile...more so than being excessively bounced off the walls.

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